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Magic Tap Fountains Around The World You probably saw one of these fountains like floating in the midair water taps cut off the pipe. Did you know that such magic tap fountain (whichever one of them) is not unique?


Malaysian artist Chow Hon Lam aka Flying Mouse has made some very funny and clever illustrations. His witty illustrations give words to the animals, food or any object that can’t speak. His funny illustrations prove […]


Picture # 188 collection funny animals pictures pics) for December 2015 – Funny Pictures, Quotes, Pics, Photos, Images and Very Cute animals.


Most perfectly timed photos you have ever seen. These timed photos, gonna make you think twice. here's most perfectly timed photos you have ever seen

Photoshop, fa una grande differenza!

Photoshop: turns a mud bath into a blood bath with a few simple clicks.

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Funny pictures about Batman Mustache. Oh, and cool pics about Batman Mustache. Also, Batman Mustache photos.

Dreaming Soul

Burning the Candle at Both Ends.Still life: Bent Objects. Hillarious works of art!

Impeccable timing, if I do say so myself

After a long time we have decided to bring some funny and extraordinary stuff for our viewers named as Perfect Timing Photos. Funny photos always [.

Le combophoto di Stephen McMennamy

Stephen McMennamy, a creative director from Atlanta, takes two unrelated images and combine them together. He calls this project "Combophotos".

Ecco 12 water installati in modo sbagliato. Davvero esilaranti!

Seems the bathroom designer forgot the point of having doors on the stalls.


"Hiding from his bath - FAIL." ~ Dog Shaming shame - German Shepherd - If I can't see you. you can't see me. - - Funny Pictures Of The Day – 97 Pics. Our black lab hates bath time too lol!

Le due cose che più o meno tutti sanno fin da piccoli a proposito di gatti sono che essi amano i topi e odiano l'acqua.

Funny pictures about How to shrink your cat. Oh, and cool pics about How to shrink your cat. Also, How to shrink your cat.