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Jimi Hendrix - Live at Woodstock - Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

jimi hendrix at woodstock 1969


Hendrix in Woodstock 1969

Three days of magic in Bethel, New York, in the year of 1969. Woodstock is, until today, a great event of music, peace and love! Jimi, we love you forever...

Played the guitar upside down (for those non-guitar people, look at the word "Fender" beside the guitar tuning keys on Jimmy's guitar @ 1:48 thru 1:57 & 2:06 thru 2:09) he became a part of his guitar and was a guitar prodigy at a very young age. He was ahead of his time, and for those followers 45 years ago, he was a glimpse into the future of rock. Take a look at the onlookers behind the stage who were mesmerized by his special, unique talent and a whole new sensational brand of guitar…