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Small crochet bags with valentine buttons. I thought it would be really sweet to enclose a tiny slip of Vellum that conveyed a special message: "Have Faith", "There's always Hope", "I ♥ you" .you get the idea. ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

Fabulously Small: knitted mini-bliss. This is just too cute

I found this lovely knitted miniature cardigan on Etsy not too long before Christmas and treated myself to it :D. Made by the wonderful Fr.

Gingermelon Dolls: Free Pattern Giveaway!! Little Ladies

Little Ladies [ "Gingermelon Dolls: Free Pattern Little Ladies", "Cute little knit sweaters from Gingermelon", "Oh I

1:12th scale Mens Sweaters by buttercupminiatures.deviantart.com

scale Mens Sweaters by buttercupminiatures on deviantART I wonder how hard these are to make because they are so small? And thanks to that penny we can tell just how small.

Ay cok guzel gule gule giysin yavrularimiz canim. Kim orduyse ellerine saglik

Discover thousands of images about Ravelry: luluknitty's Embroidered Baby Sweater

An example of extreme knitting are these miniature works of Indiana-based knitter Althea Crome of Bugknits. She knits these tiny objects with silk sewing threads and uses surgical wires for needles…

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