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Monkey D. Luffy, Marco (ONE PIECE), Sanji, Portgas D. Ace #onepiece

Luffy, Marco (ONE PIECE), Sanji, Portgas D. Ace <<< I really dont understand what is this about but this looks interesting

This art is not okay! But...I just had to repin this...u feel my sadness??

I love Garp. I really want to see Luffy and Garp to have a sappy family moment.--> what're you talking about Luffy and Garp DID have a great family reunion-Garp pumbled Luffy for falling asleep even though he fell asleep too

Law, Luffy and Zoro

Bring me some sexyness, a cutie and a hot pirates to me! (Law, Luffy and Zoroo)

Ruffy & Ace

One piece is one of the few animes that can bring me to tears. I didn't shed tears when ace died, but I did when i saw how difficult it was for Luffy to move on. So this image of ace saying goodbye, that its time to let go, was always one of my favorites