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a red heart with roses on it and the words, no hay regao mas hermoso que el amor de dios
Buenas Noches
No hay regalo más hermoso que el amor de DIOS.
an image of a greeting card with a rose and stars in the background that says buona note
an image of a book cover with the title in blue and yellow, surrounded by clouds
a wine glass with a red rose in it and the words, buonanote
the words are written in spanish on a black background with colorful roses and heart shapes
a red rose sitting on top of a table next to a golden trellout
a couple of swans sitting on top of a lake next to flowers and the sun
a close up of a christmas card with roses
a red heart shaped leaf with the words be notte written in spanish on it
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an image of the cover of a book with flowers in front of water and trees
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