Leave it to the women of Paris to make a similar outfit of a white skirt and chambray the epitome of chic. This outfit would be so .

Sunglasses, bike, straw bag, flower printed shirt, denim shorts, sandal heels / Garance Doré

Le Weekend

Le Weekend - love everything about this. I wish I could find my lost market bag. :( Via Lière Doré

Mint green beach cruiser

that saying about how you never forget how to ride a bike is a mother f-ing LIE! i would love to be able to remember how to ride a bike.but until then i'm sticking with adult tricycles

summer bicycles and baskets

love a white cruiser bike, old french basket, nautical stripes, deck and beach hats x - Interior Style

Autumn Harvest in MO

There's no better time to visit the local farmer's market than in the fall. From apples to pumpkins, Missouri boasts some of the falls greatest treats.

Leather pants# Isabel marant moonboots # oversized grey pull

femme-belle: Nadja (French Voguettes)

Through the Ages: Beauties on Bikes - Audrey Hepburn: On the set of her film Sabrina in 1954, Hepburn wheeled around in a printed A-line dress worn over a black long-sleeved tee and paired with ballet flats. #InStyle

Through the Ages: Beauties on Bikes

I am about to start work on what I am already calling My Sabrina dress. Simply because it is a Sabrina dress. Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina.