grazia infante

grazia infante

grazia infante
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Awesome Christmas Tree and decor

Taking over-the-top decadence to new heights is the Grand Shard Tree which stands nine feet tall at Mackenzie-Child's on West Street and goes for bucks. Hand made of ceramic and pottery “shards,” it’s topped with a teapot finial.

crochet sculpture by emily barletta

It’s like a biology text book and a ball of yarn fell madly in love, got married and had a few babies. And the matchmaker that got these two crazy kids together? New York artist Emily Barletta. I have to admit… I might be a little bit in love too.

DIY Paper bows

Paper Bow Template for some super easy gift wrapper crafting, or you could use this same template on some ribbon and make bows to go on ornaments to give to your big or little! Make out of ribbon for a little girls bow.