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10 Breathtaking Small Towns in Europe you Didn’t Know Existed

Kotor, Montenegro

Hallstatt, Austria // Jacob Riglin More

Wuhan, China

The gate of Angkor Thom, Cambodia #f21travel

20 Killer Photos of Thailand

Beautiful! [just be really careful about what you eat while there as they cook, serve and EAT CATS & DOGS].

Blue moon valley, China

Heaven's Gate, China

Вышивка, идеи из ниток

Новые идеи креативного пришивания пуговиц / Пуговицы / Модный сайт о стильной переделке одежды и интерьер

Pendant/Ornament: Star- Seed Beads and Crystals found at (peyote tube? flat peyote double star stitched together?) Original source: Zsuuu. Not able to find original website.