Isole Egadi. Sicily.

Italy The Aegadian Islands meaning 'the islands of goats' are a group of small mountainous islands in the Mediterranean Sea off the northwest coast of Sicily, Italy, near the cities of Trapani Marsala.

Mozia , Trapani , Sicilia

Secret and unusual Sicily: 10 towns and sights off the beaten path. Windmills in Mozia.

Sicilia | Taormina

Gole di Al Qantara , province of Messina - A corner of paradise, Sicily, Italy

Scala dei Turchi, Sicilia. #agrigento #sicilia #sicily

'Behind Massimo Vitali's Lens: The Bird's-eye View' Mount Fuji, Sicily 2009


This picture is taken on One House Bay in Greece. The water is so clear that the boat seems to be floating on air.

Scala dei Turchi (Turkish Steps), Sicily. If you find yourself at the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, Sicily, be sure to travel just 15 minutes to this spectacular Southern coastal sea line at Realmonte. A haven for private, but public, beach-goers and irresistible for photographers, Scala dei Turchi is another prized jewel of this dynamic and unique island. #agrigento

Scala dei turchi, "Stair of the Turks" ~ a rocky cliff on the coast of Realmonte, near Porto Empedocle, southern Sicily, Italy