Alessia Bianchi

Alessia Bianchi

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Paper dahlias window display at Poppins, Mackinac Island. #paperart, #windowdisplay

For our first window scheme rollout for The White Company, to promote their new White Label range of products, Lucky Fox produced hundreds of beautiful hand finished maple veneer boards, and sent out nearly 2000 meters of natural rope to their 46 UK stores.

HERMES,Lisbon,Portugal, full of tropical fruits made with paper.

Branding is not only about defining the brand and creating a recognizable logo. Visual merchandising is important in order to keep the consumers coming back. The product needs to be properly displayed in a creative and enticing way. Window displays are a good example, they are the first thing you see when passing by a store. The displays should make you want to enter and shop!

Don't forget the floor of your window display. You can use sand, dirt, charcoal, laminate, glass, beads, cork, fabric... there are hundreds of idea's.

Escaparate San Valentín de Que tono de verde, éste año se nos escapa el amor, no nos da tiempo a repartirlo...:

Spring Window Displays 2015. Visual Merchandising Arts, School of Fashion at Seneca College.

duncan phyfe table with tree in center