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some food is on a white plate and ready to be eaten with other foods in the background
Alla Prova del cuoco la ricetta in 4 mosse : Arancini/e alla zucca scamorza e speck
Arancini alla zucca scamorza e speck
the sun is setting over an island in the ocean with rocks and sand on it
Sicilia - Isola delle Femmine (PA) Foto di Claudio Carpinato
many different types of food are arranged on trays for serving to be eaten at an event
Sarde a beccafico
a pile of doughnut holes sitting on top of a table next to tomatoes and peppers
Arancine siciliane
a large building with a clock tower on the top and many trees in front of it
Palermo - La Cattedrale
an old building with statues on top in the middle of a city square at night
Palermo - Teatro Politeama