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Unboxing the new Pixel 8a
Colorful. Powerful. AI-full. Unboxing the new #Pixel8a 📦 #Google #TeamPixel #ASMR
Illustration of a person moving a lever on a multi-colored scale showing smiley face icons that go from happiest (green) to most unhappy (red). The lever is on yellow in the middle. Text reads: How Fitbit can help you measure stress — and use it to your advantage Fitbit, No Response, Tools, Advantage, Google, Bonus, Google Pixel, Levels, Trading
Fitbit tools can help you connect physiological stressors to what’s happening around you.
Here’s how you can use Fitbit stress alerts and Google Pixel Watch’s Body Responses to notice — and address — patterns in your stress levels.
A blurry photo of yellow flowers. A Pixel phone is overlaid on top showing the camera open with Pro Controls open and the flowers in focus. Text reads: How to get started with Pixel 8 Pro Camera's Pro Controls Manual, Pro Camera, Control, Pro, Get Started, How To Use, Learn How, Can
Pixel 8 Pro camera: How to use Pro Controls
Manual settings can be overwhelming — here’s how to get the most out of them if you’re just learning about Pro Controls.
Illustration of a hand holding a Pixel phone with a play button on the screen. The background is full of various icons indicating sounds. Text reads: How designers create sounds for Pixel Designers, 3d, Design, Sound Design, Sound, Camera Shutter, Process, Alarm
Learn how the Pixel sound design team creates alerts, notifications and other sounds
From the camera shutter to your morning alarm, there’s a dedicated team and in-depth process for creating the way your Pixel sounds
Man holding Pixel Fold as he takes a selfie. Text reads: 3 ways to take the best selfies with Pixel Fold Selfie, Coaching, Timer, Quality, Phone, Best Selfies, Best, Career Coach
Here are three ways to use Pixel Fold to up your selfie game
Here’s how to get the highest quality selfie, use your phone as a tripod and trigger your camera's timer with a wave of your palm.
A photo of three people playing pickleball. There are two people in the background on one side of the next. The person in the foreground is in a wheelchair and is wearing a Fitbit device on their wrist. Text reads: 3 heart-health tips from Fitbit's lead cardiologist. Health, People, Diy, Health Tips, Health Fitness, Fitness, Art, Heart Health
3 heart-health tips from Fitbit’s lead cardiologist
Listen to your heart! Cardiologist, Dr. Jacqueline Shreibati has seen firsthand how wearables can help people understand and manage their health.
Photos of three dogs; the first one has a wheelchair attachment for its back legs. Another off to the right-hand side has three legs. The dog in the middle is framed by a Pixel phone. Text reads: How Pixel is helping pups find their fur-ever homes Animals, Adoption, Dogs, Animal Shelters, Animal Shelter, Shelters, Shelter, Pup
Pixel Pawtraits sends kits to animal shelters so their photos can really shine
The Pixel Pawtraits program provides photography kits to select animal shelters in the U.S. so they can take high-quality pictures of dogs available for adoption.
A Pixel 8 Pro inside a circle with another dark green circle to its left, showing “98.6 F” inside a smaller, hollow light green circle. There is a thermometer icon to the upper left hand area of the darker green circle. Text reads: How we built and tested body temperature on Pixel 8 Pro
How Google built a body temperature feature for its Pixel thermometer app
Body temperature in the Thermometer app for Pixel 8 Pro is the first FDA-granted body temperature app for smartphones — here’s how we built it, how it works and how to use it.
An illustrated image of an arm with a Fitbit Charge 6 on the wrist. In the background there are green rolling hills and a collage of activities like cycling, running, as well as screens displaying various charts and graphs reporting workout results. Text reads: 6 things I learned after using the Fitbit Charge 6 for a week Fitness Tracker, Outdoor, Gym, Fitbit Charge, Fitbit Watch, Weekly Workout, Workout
Fitbit Charge 6: What I learned after a week of workouts
Over the course of a week, one Googler wore a Fitbit Charge 6 everywhere from the gym to his favorite outdoor running routes. Here are a few of his favorite ways Fitbit’s most advanced tracker yet helped him take his health and fitness to the next level.
Illustration of a phone using the Best Take feature; there are three circles with the subjects’ faces in them below the photo, and the person who is holding the photo is choosing which face to use. Text reads: How Best Take makes your group photos better Group, Learning, Google Photos, Teams, Achievement, Research, Common
Learn more about how Google built Google Photo’s Best Take tool for Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro
Google Photos, Pixel, and Google Research teams came together to take on a common photographer pet peeve.
A GIF showing the Battery Saver feature being toggled on and off. Text reads: How to use Battery Saver on your Pixel devices Charger, Battery, Devices, Turn Ons, Power, Pixel Phone, How To Turn
How to turn on Battery Saver on your Pixel phone or Watch
No charger? No problem: Here’s how to turn on Battery Saver and Extreme Battery Saver on your Pixel (for Pixel 3 or later devices).
An abstract image showing four dots - yellow, red, blue and green - each with a circle that starts out small around the dot and then gets bigger. Text reads: Buzz, click tap: Designing how haptics and devices feel Google Education, Remote, Chromecast, Engineering, Engineers
Haptic design: How Google builds and designs products to feel just right
Learn how engineers and designers at Google build products — like the Pixel 8 Pro, Chromecast remote, Nest doorbell and more — to feel just right.
A first look at Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro
A first look at Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.
Collage of wearables and people wearing them. Text reads: How to find the best smartwatch or fitness tracker for you Studio, Fitbit App, Smart Watch, Watch 2
Google and Fitbit wearables: Comparing features, prices and more
We break the down features and prices for smartwatches and fitness trackers — from Google Pixel Watch 2 to Fitbit Charge 6
Sound up: Unboxing the new Google Pixel Watch 2
ASMR: Unboxing the new Google Pixel Watch 2