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Illustration of a garden and flowers. There are icons inside the flower shapes: One showing a Google Maps location pin, another a star icon for Gemini, and a Google Photos camera icon. Text reads: 5 AI-powered tools to help you get outside more Gardening, User Interface Design, Vintage, Ui Ux Design, Ideas, Inspiration, Design, Stock Market, Get Outside
5 AI-powered tools from Google to help you get outside more
If you’re looking for some inspiration to get out of the house, here are a few ideas that will get you gardening, strolling or just enjoying the outdoors.
Illustration of a driver behind the wheel of a car while Google Maps is visible on a dashboard monitor. Text reads: "How to keep using Google Maps even when your phone is offline" Apps, People, Google Education, Google Maps, Google Forms, Google 1, Google Calendar, Remote, Travel Abroad
Google Maps offline mode is a must-have for frequent travelers
Offline maps, which are available for driving directions specifically, can be an especially useful tool for people who frequently travel abroad or visit remote areas with spotty cell service.
An illustrated hand places a red location pin on a street corner in Google Maps. Text reads: 10 Google Maps tips everyone should know. Software, Reading, Hardware, Social Networking Apps, Computer Tips, Networking, Helpful Hints, Google
Check out these Maps tools that can make your life easier
10 Google Maps features that help me navigate more confidently: Get from A to B a bit more easily (and on time).