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a book cover with an image of a bear pointing to a board that says, create interactive presentations with code
Use this CS First lesson to create engaging presentations
Work with students to create engaging presentations with code! This CS First lesson allows students to create a new presentation, or take an existing one, and make it interactive.
the cover of google's guide to use digital tools for everyday tasks, with hands touching
Incorporate digital tools into the classroom with Applied Digital Skills lessons
Teachers, empower your students with the digital skills they need to conquer everyday challenges. Elevate their classroom experience with practical digital skills that pave the way for success.
the cover of google docs to tell fact from fiction online
Use Google Docs to evaluate the credibility of online resources
Teachers, help your students navigate the digital landscape with this lesson, which equips them with the online skills to help tell fact from fiction for trustworthy research.
the back cover of a book with icons on it and text reading, bringing gemin to google workspace for education
Bringing Gemini to Google Workspace for Education
Exciting news! We're expanding access to Gemini for Google Workspace, bringing it to more educators and students 18+ with two new paid add-ons. Get ready for a powerful new way of working, teaching, and learning with generative AI across the apps you know and love, like Docs and Gmail.
the back cover of google's classroom to keep students information
Keep students informed with Google Classroom announcements
This teacher tip will help you better communicate with your student! Whether in a rush or if you have extra time, you can draft, schedule, and organize announcements to your students in your class stream in Google Classroom.
the cover of google for education use this activity to amplify the notices of black change makers in history
Discover impactful Black voices who have impacted art, culture, politics, and more
Take your students on a journey of Black history with Google for Education's time-travel passport activity in Google Slides.
the google classroom tool for students to use on their laptops is shown in this graphic
Grading made easier with Google Classroom
Who said grading couldn't be one of the highlights of your school year? From crunching numbers to crafting comments, let's make grading the new star of your day with Google Classroom.
an image of a computer screen with the words use google classroom to communicate with students
Use Google Classroom to send emails to guardians and parents
Looking for more ways to engage with guardians & bring them along on their child's learning journey? Use Google Classroom to invite them to receive daily or weekly email summaries to track their student’s progress & stay up-to-date on class announcements.
the cover of google for education's book tell stories with dialogue through codeing
Use this ready-to-teach CS First lesson to help students craft compelling stories
Educators can elevate their ELA curriculum by merging coding with storytelling. This ready-to-teach CS First lesson unleashes students’ creativity as they craft compelling dialogues between characters to help understand how dialogue drives a story's plot.
Applied Digital Skills delivers this ready-for-the-classroom lesson to ignite learning! Dive into shared knowledge, enhance teamwork skills and watch as your students co-create a roadmap to success. Wordpress, Android, Study Guide, Study Skills, Teamwork Skills
Use Google Docs to create a collaborative study guide in the classroom
Applied Digital Skills delivers this ready-for-the-classroom lesson to ignite learning! Dive into shared knowledge, enhance teamwork skills and watch as your students co-create a roadmap to success.
the cover of google docs to cite resources
Use these Google Docs tips to cite your resources
Looking for resources on how to ensure students working on research reports know how to credit their sources correctly? Check out these quick Google Docs tips to help students choose the right format when citing.
the back cover of a book with an image of a magnifying glass on it
A guide to the accessibility features available in Google Workspace tools
Discover the many customizable accessibility features available to teachers and students in Google Workspace for Education tools. From Google Docs to Google Slides, check out this guide to accessibility to stay up-to-date on all programs, features and devices!
a book cover with the title use google docs for lesson planning, and an image of
Use Google Docs for Lesson Planning
Using Google Docs to build lesson plans for the next grading period? Here’s a tip: keep your lessons concise and organized by linking resources and incorporating bookmarks!
an advertisement for the internet is shown in this image, there are three small toy figures on
Share this Be Internet Awesome resource with your student's parents and guardians
Educators, share these Be Internet Awesome online safety tips with parents & guardians to teach their children the importance of safely navigating the internet.
an advertisement for google's classroom to get students excited about new assignmentes on the web
Incorporate visual cues when using Google Classroom
Get your students excited about new class assignments or announcements! With Google Classroom, you can add a display image to stream posts to help visually showcase what's to come.