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Hand knit & Crochet yarns

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Top quality yarns for hand knitting and crochet projects

Very fine wool obtained from the first shearing of New Zeland lambs. Yarn available in 4-ply or 6-ply

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Cashmere yarn of the highest quality spun from the fibres of Mongolian goats

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2-ply yarn in pure camel hair from Mongolia.

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Spring cashmere, a luxurious blend for crochet and handknit projects

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6-ply yarn of the finest Lambswool fibre, wide range of colours available

Bulky and light yarn in pure 100% cashmere

Trendy tweed effect for an excellent blend of cashmere and extrafine lambswool

A balanced blend of excellent fibres such as Cashmere and extrafine lambswool. Spun yarn produced entirely in Italy

4-ply yarn in cashmere and extrafine lambswool

Balanced blend of cashmere and extrafine lambswool, wide range of colours for this 6-ply yarn