15 awesome tips for doing your eyeliner incredibly

The Line Saver: To keep your eyeliner in place, sweep loose or pressed powder right under the eye liner on your bottom lid. It creates somewhat of a barrier, preventing your eyeliner from traveling downward.

Keep your waterline eyeliner from running or disappearing during the day.

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OPI Skating on Thin Iceland

OPI Nordic Collection Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ Swatches & Review

polish insomniac: OPI Nordic Collection Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ skating on thin iceland

Five of the best foundations professional makeup artists swear by.

5 Fall Foundations the Pros Swear By - i am currently using stila and i must say that it is one of the best foundation i have tried. the coverage is amazing! - i also recommend Lancome foundation.

I don't think I'll ever be able to do the skinny line. I start off with good intentions, but before you know it, I'm at Amy Winehouse liner in no time!

Chech out the cat eyeliner on these eyes! Make your cat eyeliner even more fabulous with a pair of from Minkilashes. No matter your eye shape, be it cat eyeliner can work for you!

Stunning... Adorable <3

from The Eyes of Children around the World (photo by Christof Abt) (Beauty Face From Around The World)

Tribal Beauty

Beautiful Himba woman from Angola. These women are so beautiful ,I was with them in Namibia , they cover their bodies in red clay as well as their hair .