Belen Rodriguez: la gallery con le foto più sexy della showgirl

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Belen Rodriguez video hard: Laure Manaudou battuta a mani basse

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Juve-Napoli Coppa Italia finale: partita e festa

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Instagram per Android: le app in attesa dell'avvento

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Two thousand people losing their jobs is just the worst kind of news and for Yahoo, it’s a culmination of years of decline. The company is not decimated. As of Q3 2011, it employed over 14,000 full-timers. 12,000 or so is still a very significant workforce and this could be beginning of a big t...

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Barcellona-Milan Champions League: dalla Spagna, Xavi in forte dubbio, anche Fabregas non sta bene

Billboard Music Awards 2012 Las Vegas: il red carpet e i vincitori

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