Gianluca Giorno

Gianluca Giorno

Roma / Harleysta & abarthista
Gianluca Giorno
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Slotted 6-Spoke 21 in. Front Wheel-44056-07

A dramatic look that breaks the mold in motorcycle wheel styling. This stylish custom wheel incorporates the strength of twelve spokes into the illusion of a lightweight six spoke design. Shop the authority in Harley-Davidson® Wheels now.

Mazinger Z by Shun-008

playing around trying to redesign one of my favorite robot during the hope you like it. credits to go nagai for being awesome. Mazinger Z


finally done with my redesign version of voltes. thanks for looking guys, hope you like it. voltes is created by Mr. Saburo Yatsude Voltes V

Oni-Wan Through The Years

Oni-Wan Through The Years

tesloreillustrated: “The language of the Dwemer, sometimes called Dwemeris, uses an alphabet that consists of 28 letters, 26 of which correspond to the letters of the Latin alphabet, and 2 special.


We live by it and we will die by it with a smile on our face (survival) kill or be killed but kill only in self-defense for yourself or for your family or for people that can't defend themselves .


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