I'll take Benedict, Hiddles, Lee Pace, or David Tennant as well.

I'll take Benedict, Hiddles, Jonathan Silver Scott, or Keith Hamilton Cobb as well.

Richard Armitage he's pretty much amazing

very hard to keep calm. I'll content myself by continuing to watch his older stuff.

When you spend most of your Pinterest time looking at photos of Richard Armitage but you pin a few recipes & quotes to give the impression that you're not completely obsessed.

They don't all go on the Richard Armitage board though! I have a Thorin board too!

Pinterest is basically collage-making for adults, with a lot less glue and a lot more RICHARD ARMITAGE.

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Oh.me.word. Yes!!!!! One cannot simply pin a mere ONE pin of the irrestible Richard Armitage :)

City of bones : the mortal instruments<--- am I the only one that wanted Simon and Clary to be in love and it never happened and my heart just died because its so much sad, the only relationship that I think at least got a ill right, is Alec and magnus

Mr. Thornton from North & South hahahaha

the-garden-of-delights: “ Richard Armitage as John Thorton in North and South (TV Mini-Series, ”