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Yaaaaassssss!!! Rub it away!!

Certaldo, Tuscany, Italy

Love is... Comic

Marilyn Monroe in a photo shoot for Coca Cola by Harold Lloyd, 1953.

Douglas Kirkland photo shoot November 17, 1961

Marilyn Monroe donne une conférence de presse à l' hôtel Continental Hilton, où la star séjourne, le 22 février 1962, le lendemain de son...

Marilyn Monroe. Photo by Eve Arnold, 1960.

Marilyn Monroe sits on the floor, behind her husband's desk, and offers him a sip from her milk carton, in this compelling fantasy vision.

"Love Is... kissing like they do in the movies" comic strip by Kim Grove Casali #loveis #kimcasali #1970s #seventies #love - Carefully selected by GORGONIA