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Snowcatcher Snowflake Directory - I counted over 300 different snowflake patterns on this site. How do you begin to choose? They're all beautiful.

This is the Snowcatcher Snowflake Directory. This is the MOST AMAZING collection of crochet snowflake patterns EVER!

Martha Stewart Snowflake free crochet pattern - Free Crochet Snowflake Patterns - The Lavender Chair

One of nature's best decorating ideas is the snowflake: It adds sparkle to upturned eyelashes, embellishment to bare tree branches. With crocheted versions of this seasonal icon, you can bring its frosty filigree indoors.


This was such a fun discovery today. Turns out if you cut blue and purple Pacon Tissue Paper into small squares, and apply them with water to watercolor paper, they leave behind the most amazing swirl