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Frattini Desk 530, Bernini Italy 1957 | From a unique collection of antique and modern desks and writing tables at

3D model of Sapho Ego wall mounted toilet. (Funny to name a toilet Ego, isn't it? 'And down the drain it goes...' :D )

3D model of Origami Washbasin. “All design starts with a blank sheet of paper – origami ends with it. Origami is inspired by something as simple as a folded sheet of paper and is produced entirely in ...

Set of these pendant light models will fit nicely into your design interiors. Clean & valid geometry with perfectly working materials for V-Ray make this model just a great drag&drop asset for your 3D...

Wall / ceiling-fitted light by Rendl Light Studio

Nicely detailed 3D model of adjustable Artemide Tolomeo office lamp. Treat your scenes with such great classic.