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My Environment Art

3D Artist, Environment Artist... A lot of landscape created by me with Vue and many Autodesk softwares.
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This is one of my favourites, ispired from an artist that helped me so much ( Artur Rosa ) , The Minimal Anyway it\'s so beautiful... I think that a scene with a lot of elements , if they are in the correct position , should be a great work, but a scene with only 4 elements is minimal, but so beautiful... A fantasy lake with a sunset full of stars and a woman that dance with only a silk veil that cover her body , a scene like that for me is perfect and relaxing.


This is another view of the small sized ancient temple... This time I wanted to be inside this wonder, I LOVE EGYPTIAN DYNASTY.


This is a scene inspired from the Tyrrhenian Sea... I modeled the rock on Zbrush, I taked the lighthouse from this link : "Lighthouse building coast tower by Tse Tsz-ho" - 3d model That's so real you know ? Then i put on Vue 9 and i created the scene... Model of Lighthouse :


This is a work made for the landing of the new Mars Rover " curiosity " I hope you like it guys ! :)

" Little Island " new image of this New album ! Thanks to MANY advice by Artur Rosa i could ( finally ) finish this image! Rendered in 1600 x 2215

" Freshness of a Summer Time " a new image of this new album !! New album, new way of editing images, new way to convey you my emotion. Thatt image is so fresh for me.. so beautiful , so relaxing ! I hope you like it :) Rendered in 7750 x 2906

"Life in a Deadly Ground " a new image of this album !! I wanted to Re-Test an High resolution Render and it works great ! I hope you enjoy it :D Rendered in 5000 x 1875

It is a special view from the planet Elenisya. A world full of green, with advanced technology and full of big and futuristic skyscraper. This scene was ispired from the best image i've seen "Valis Licentia" created by tigaer. It is the most beautiful sci-fi landscape i have seen ! "Picture of the Day" 1st January 2011

After HOURS of rendering and HOURS of postwork, here you have my new creation " Garden in a Rainy Night " . " Picture of the Day " of 13 of March 2012