Giulia Soffritti

Giulia Soffritti

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Galería de Locales en Ordaz / T3arc - 14

Brick grates set into the walls of a Bangkok house hide a series of outdoor spaces

The Beyond the Screen project by OBBA (Office for Beyond Boundaries Architecture) is located on a corner plot in the Naebalsan-dong neighbourhood of Seoul.

Cool open conference room

<strong>FLIGHTS OF ANGELS</strong> | Locatelli built a steel structural element that obscured the crucifix in the nuns’ choir. The cross was ‘too strong,’ he says. ‘Not because I mind, but in case someone from another religion comes in. This is not a religious place anymore.’<br>

architect massimiliano locatelli converted a 16th century church in milan—complete with original frescoes, an altar and a crypt—into his firm's office

Pictures - Kic Park - by 3GATTI Architects Architizer

Reinterpreting Nature in Design: Teikyo Heisei University Nakano Campus - Landscape Architects Network - Studio on Site

New Visions for Pedestrian Footbridge Design Competition winner / LEA Invent & Burcak Pekin #landscape