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a girl picking flowers in a field with a yellow frisbee on the ground
Visita l'articolo per saperne di più.
a statue is shown in black and white with light coming through the window behind it
Incredible! It Takes a Master to Sculpt Such Realistic Art
a painting of people in a boat on the water at sunset, with ships in the background
Impressione,sole nascente - Claude Monet, 1872, oil on canvas 48x63cm. Impression: Sunrise
the statue is holding his hands to his head
"Psyche revived by the kiss of Love" (1793) | by Antonio Canova
a painting of a man and woman embracing each other in front of a wall with the words, santa tarhinde asilar
10 opere famose di Francesco Hayez - CaffèBook
Francesco Hayez Il Bacio
an old photo of two people in a library with a dog laying on the floor
a person with an umbrella standing in front of a painting
John Lennon - Alifnunainart
John Lennon! #dream #world #impression #emotion #paint #art #illustration #drawing #draw #envywear #picture #artist #sketch #sketchbook #paper #pencil #artsy #instaart #beautiful #instagood #gallery #masterpiece #creative #photooftheday #instaartist #graphics #artoftheday #beautiful #painting #dubai #uae #johnlennon
a drawing of a woman with geometric shapes on her head and earring, wearing an orange top
A l e x a n d r a
A l e x a n d r a
a black and white photo of a woman with pink flowers in her hair
The Lacuna - Barbara Kingsolver
Amazing artist, Frida Kahlo.
black and white photograph of two people sitting in a chair with bookshelves behind them
Come ti si dovrebbe baciare
Quando ti bacio non è solo la tua bocca non è solo il tuo ombelico non è solo il tuo grembo che bacio Io bacio anche le tue domande e i tuoi desideri bacio…
frida kahlo with flowers in her hair and the caption that says,
Parole per riflettere. Ciò che distingue l'uomo dagli animali è la parola.
Parole per riflettere. Ciò che distingue l'uomo dagli animali è la parola.