Tiziano Ferro Incanto ... semplicemente incanto

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Find someone that ruins your lipstick, not your mascara. Marilyn Monroe

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"COURAGE is one of your greatest allies in the fight against Cancer, as is HOPE. Together they can create a rather strong army, well-equipped to conquer one of the most powerful Generals in Cancer's army -- FEAR. Never forget that HOPE and COURAGE are always right beside you waiting to help you along your journey --- but it is your responsibility to call them to duty." ~Skye M.

My thoughts exactly! Which is why I have made a real effort NOT to talk about anyone any longer! If you have heard I have, that person is a liar!

Sam Keen - Ci si innamora non trovando la persona perfetta, ma vedendo perfetta una persona imperfetta


makes you think... Think that others will treat you well because you treat them well, is like thinking a shark does not eat you because you do not eat him!

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