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Milan Fair 1961 Architects: Franco Albini & Franca Helg / Designer: Bob Noorda View of the hall ‘Montecantini Operations in Southern Italy’.

Franco Albini’s A Room for a Man (1936)

Franco Albini’s A Room for a Man (1936)

Franco Albini /// A room for a man (Stanza per un uomo) /// Milan, Italy /// 1936 OfHouses guest curated by Socks-Studio: “Devised as an allegorical space for the daily activities of the modern.

Palazzo Bianco in Genoa. Located in the historical centre of Genoa, Italy, Via Garibaldi is lined with renovated and deserted grand residences of the late-Renaissance and Baroque periods. One of these palaces is Palazzo Bianco which now houses an extensive European art collection.

Palazzo Bianco in Genoa