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Chawan, Yunomi and the Cha Dou art-and-the-spirit-of-tea

Note the beautiful handle on the teapot. The pouring of the tea is just as important as how you hold the vessel to drink. It instills patience and the will to just sit and appreciate your surroundings and the company.

Japanese Teapot - Black

Black, fireproof Japanese teapot with pouring spout and teak handle. The handle has been hand carved and shaped for easy pouring. Teak is a relatively water-res

Coralie Seigneur

Coralie Seigneur

skt ceramics - illustrated mug - k colette - 2

Brooklyn artist, Susannah Tisue, founded SKT Ceramics in The youthful whimsy of SKT Ceramic’s designs are derived from Susannah’s own fascination with the magical elements of the animals that in