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Draco Malfoy by FinAngel AMAZING!!

" Draco Malfoy, with the Dark Mark in the background. I love anti-hero stories Draco's is one of my favorites.

Draco Malfoy - Battle of hogwarts / my bby

me: * blood covers he boty her and others bloodier* draco: * lift up wand * me: * acted first expelomis his word flys in to her hand*. Draco: * tears fill his eyes* me: lots at him* Draco: * grad her in a hug*

"Nadie me puede ayudar", dijo Malfoy.  Todo su cuerpo estaba temblando.  "No puedo hacerlo ... no puedo.  No va a funcionar ... y si no lo hago pronto ... Dice que me va a matar ... "

elentori-art: “No one can help me,” said Malfoy. His whole body was shaking. It won’t work… and unless I do it soon… he says he’ll kill me…” // my poor baby