Giulia Parker
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Spooky Bat Pegs~~
Spider craft for fall
An armoire transformed into a doorway #crafts
DIY 2 ingredient blackhead removal mask INGREDIENTS: -1 small dry gelatin pack -a few teaspoons of milk DIRECTIONS: By mixing one teaspoon of gelatin with 3 teaspoons of milk, put in microwave for approx 10 seconds. Apply to blackhead areas. Leave on for 15 min. Peel off.
Great display idea for rings - pretty sure they can still test the size.
How to make a lightbox for photographing jewelry
mesh trash can + lamp base= earring display
DIY Earrings Organizer Frame DIY Earrings Organizer Frame
Moraine Collar
DIY Ring Holder: Since all the tutorials I found meant a LOT of cutting, rolling and gluing, I decided to do it MY way. Repurposed materials: a cheap sponge, a discarded tin & fabric scrap. Actually used my fingers to tuck the fabric instead of the knife as shown. Didn't bother with glue.