Through troubled water

I like this quote, but the ending irritates me."can I get an amen?" The quote speaks for itself if doesn't need confirmation to exist xD

Even if she were to lose feelings I’d probably still wait for her.

Te amo

i feel possessed. i feel torn. i ask people who know me do i seem crazy? i feel different. i feel my own very personal questions and have been unable to answer them.

I haven't been great at keeping my diary updated so far this year.need to get back into the habit >>> I keep trying to have a diary but giving up on it.

Sometimes. People are smart. Sometimes. People are freaking stupid. All they need is someone to point it out.

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." --Jim Moriarty This is so true! If Satan can convince you he doesn't exist, he's won the game of life.your life! love.quotes

That stupid grin on my face when I receive a text from family thinks I have a boyfriend! Ofc, no such thing exists or will ever exist as long as you are my friend

Saggezza dai "banchi di scuola"...

don't count who runs off in the rain, count who stays during the storm

Smettiamola di metterci blocchi mentali  per evitare di impegnarci a superare davvero  ciò che ci blocca nei nostri sogni: la paura e la poca fiducia in se stessi e in Dio.....

Vietato dire "Non ce la faccio" - Prohibido decir "No puedo hacerlo" Una…