Short e corpetto: abbinamento sexyssimo indossato da lei

summer BB- no wonder I loved that vintage classic jumper/swimsuit I found in my friend Chic's closet. - the camel toe.

Una nuova vita ai vostri capelli grazie ai prodotti Hairmed! #shopping #hair #beauty

Retro Hair retro hair retro Hair glamour featured fashion -- oh hell yeah! Plucker Becker now THIS is some big hair that I must learn how to style.

Two letters, a myth: “B.B.”

Bridgette Bardot, Classic beauty and style icon. I always love her hair.

Tutta in bianco, intonata allo yogurt

With some fabulous white sunglasses and a fantastic updo Brigitte Bardo gives us inspiration to look fab all the time

Labbra corallo per Brigitte - Beauty look Anni '50 con onde morbide, frangia e fascia tra i capelli

Brigitte Bardot via Oscar PR Girl a poster girl for big hair, you had to have her hair, it was that simple. remember Farrah came later, racheal from friends haircut, princess Di cut.