// castellatedly

if it was more messy. the Alaska state flag is the little dipper. maybe that would be cute to incorporate into design theme.

la bottega di amrita -----> catalogo e ispirazioni

Next time you find yourself out and about listening to music on your headphones- you might just be serving as inspiration for one of Yanni Floros' ill.

It's SUMMER TIME!!! Show off some skin and a new Tattoo. Get one with Free U.S. shipping. The ink by Inkbox is Fruit Based and 100% organic and will last for two weeks. Add any additional design for only $6.95.  Test drive a new design, After all Tastes change and so can your Tattoo.

Part of our exclusive Curt Montgomery Collection in collaboration with Your kit: Patent-pending inkbox Black tattoo glove Pre moistened cloth Ethyl alcohol wipe Tattoo Dimensions: x inches "Good luck no luck jones.

tumblr_mgtvrv6iuI1rlci7to1_500.jpg (500×375) ❤ liked on Polyvore

tumblr_mgtvrv6iuI1rlci7to1_500.jpg (500×375) ❤ liked on Polyvore