Still hoping. For one more chance. I'm so fucking stupid, see you talking to another guy and I instantly get jealous. Just the thought that I had you. HAD you. Makes me cry:(

Still hoping. Still hoping you'll come around and see me. Still hoping that you will come to your senses and realize I've been in front of you this entire time.


Letting go of an eating disorder can be one of the hardest things. Even when I knew I wanted to recover I was scared of fully letting go of ED; But since I've let go, life has been so beautiful

"Donna al quadrato" Antonia Storace

"Donna al quadrato" Antonia Storace

Leila Falzone: Consulenza Organizzativa Risorse Umane Relazioni Sindacali Business Coach Formazione aziendale

Vietato dire "Non ce la faccio" - Prohibido decir "No puedo hacerlo" Una…

I've said it before and I'll say it again....if you're happy with him... take it. You needn't wait for me of you don't feel like you want to... maybe he is who God would have you love... maybe it just took me to crack him open. You know i want your happiness above all... whatever it looks like...

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I will meet you in the future coz I know somewhere you are waiting for me too :) xx - Where do broken hearts go? ... They find comfort and love in their future ...

I& waiting for you I& not moving on. As much as you think that if find someone else just know you& the only one I& ever want