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A great way to fill a day. Improve fish by using own swirly watercolour paper, do some shells, jellyfish and seaweed. Background could be wavy in two or three shades of blue.
Copri termosifone
Copri termosifone
Puppets recycled paper mini theater -Petites marionnettes en papier recyclé pour mini théâtre
Piraten aus Toilettenpapierrollen
Easy (Pirate) Cork Boats - these little cork boats are super quick to make (takes minutes) and float REALLY well. Make them using craft foam for sails and you can have hours of water play in the garden. A great craft for Summer.
I'm a pirate! ;)
Naturally Chic Mama: Our Cardboard Pirate Ship {The SS Home Depot}
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Carlotta Creativa: Copritermosifone
pirate ship wheel
Εύκολες ιδέες για καλοκαιρινές κατασκευές με απλά & ανακυκλώσιμα υλικά... (Μέρος 2ο) - Kinderella
CARTE DELLE FIABE - Cerca con Google
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Great idea use a pre-made cut out and slap on a kid's face for a class book!
picture backdrop: i made a pirate ship boat with a #balikbayan box. Lined and decorated with felt. I made the wheel turnable and the kids had fun turning the wheel while taking their picture.
Cardboard pirate ship.  My kids are too old for this perhaps but it reminds me of the box houses they made to play in.
Pirate plates
Pirate party can toss.  See more pirate birthday party ideas and birthday parties for kids at
DIY cardboard pirate ship. Anchor out of cardboard and foil. Pirate wheel out of paper plate.
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La classe della maestra Valentina: LE CARTE INVENTAFAVOLE 1 There are other cute ones too on the site.
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How to make a treasure chest