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A great selection of the best full length documentaries in English available on YouTube. Enjoy and don't forget to follow this highly recommended video board.
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The Chakra Activation System. Start here: http://lawofattraction.link/chakraactivationsystem

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The Secret Of Antarctica - Full National Geographic Documentary HD - #YouTube

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Gregg Braden Unprecedented Interview. A Must Watch [Full Documentary]

Ancient Secrets of Kings with Discount - Full Version

Gregg Braden Interview - The Power Of Visualization [The God Code]

Cosmic Ordering Secret Full Law of Attraction Documentary

Spiders - The Spider Hunter Full Version

Real Life Witches, The True History Of Witches - Full Documentary HD #YouTube #Witches #Magic #Wicca

Are Ninjas Real? The True History Of Ninjas - Full Documentary HD - #YouTube #Ninjas #MartialArts

Area 51 Secrets and Conspiracy Theories - HD National Geographic Documentary - #YouTube #aliens #area51

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