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Giovanni Rossin

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Zuppa di lenticchie , lentils suop

Stop putting six-pack abs on a pedestal. Obtaining killer ABS comes down to 1-of-2 things (or a combo of both). Hone in and get focused. Make it one of your to-dos for 2015. #beauty

Ethiopian Karo tribe woman - Many tribes in the Mediteraninan and Middle East wore/wear all their Dowry as jewelry and is worn almost all the time..therefore always having it with them. It was an advertisement as to whether she had a rich family or not, making her more desirable. And, of course, as an adornment to enhance their beauty.

Hamar Woman - Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Africa | Sights and Sounds Harari smile. East Ethiopia. The laughter totally brightens the photo. Beautiful caught-in-the-moment image.

BeautySouthAfrica: Breathtaking photograph. Gold & silver face paint, Papua New Guinea

Reese's Herbalife shake.. use sugarfree chocolate pudding