Don't have time to make #smoothies in the morning? Well then this is perfect for you! These make-ahead smoothie packs will completely change your mornings for the better. Just pre-pack the ingredients and keep them in the freezer until you are ready to pop them in your blender. It takes 5 minutes tops, and no clean-up!

Your morning smoothie is about to get a whole lot quicker and easier. Simply grab a pack, mix and you're done with these 22 make ahead smoothie pack ideas (with recipes)! Source by vanessacecilia

Stay hydrated! Adding stuff like fruits, vegetables, and herbs to your water makes it easier and fun to drink up! #spawater #h2o

Refreshing water recipes and ideas for summer - stay hydrated while workout out or running with these great spa water ideas

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Shed belly fat and satisfy your sweet tooth with these delicious fruit smoothies

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There are two good reasons to make a healthy recipe smoothie: They taste great.They are filled with lots of fruit fiber that have health benefits for your body.

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Combinazioni di frutta e ortaggi per perdere peso