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Mini spiedini di crudo e palline di melone
Gonna have to add this too my list of things to make...
Un vino para darse un homenaje por todo lo alto: El Grillo, de Somontano #wine #vino mxm
i like these a lot....
{Gift for Cooks} Love these Ed's cutting boards- especially the handle ones
Whale Cutting Board
montadito de iberico
PACKAGING | UQAM: Sirop d'érable du Québec | Hamie T. Robitaille
Siamo interessatissimi a nuove ed innovative modalità di servire il vino, ricerchiamo ogni giorno la creatività perché oltre che col palato, si mangia anche con gli occhi !! #vino #wine #food #ideas #creative #genius #design #oggetti #likes #service

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Wine Infographic - A question of taste
todo lo que te gustaría saber sobre el vino
Quizá es porque me voy haciendo mayor pero cada día aprecio más una buena copa de vino. Ya sea en casa o fuera, ese beber despacio, relajado, saboreando, picotear algo entre medias, un auténtico pl…
#Pizza lovers! Here's a quick and easy guide if you wish to pair pizza with #wine.
Meloen balletjes en proscuito
Guia básico de vinhos para iniciantes
On weekends, the produce area of your neighborhood Florida farmers markets can look and feel as jumbled as surge hour on Miami's expressways. Forceful kindred customers will cut you off as they snatch for foods grown from the ground. In your flurry to escape from there in one piece, you're liable to fill your truck with tomatoes from Canada, limes from Mexico, lettuce from California and avocados from Chile, which may not be... FULL ARTICLE…
wine beer pairing infographic  #craftbeer #beer
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Wine poster