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Jack Russell Terrier - from Wiki-origins in fox hunting from dogs bred by Rev. John Russell early 19th century, gone through several changes, Socialize early, very energetic, requires high level of exercise and stimulation, sturdy, tough, tenacious, very intelligent, athletic, fearless, vocal, not kept busy will be distructive, should have experienced owners, will not tolerate abuse, hunt driven, 14 - 18 lbs, live 13 - 16 years

We're covering the terrier group of small hypoallergenic dog breeds today. Check out this energetic slice of the small hypoallergenic dog breed pie! -- remember this doesn't stop them from being independent, feisty, and prey-driven.

parson russell terrier

The Parson Russell Terrier is a true working foxhunter, possessing a ready attitude, alertness, confidence, and great strength and endurance