The Sturinalto fountain and the Palazzo del Podestà (medieval civil building) - 13th Century - Fabriano (Marche - Italy)

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The town center on the hills backdrop - Fabriano - Marche - Italy photo by S. Ambrosini

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Medieval architectures in the town square of Fabriano - Marche - Italy

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A wonderful view of the historical town center of Fabriano (Marche - Italy) photo by Giorgio Pellegrini

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Palazzo del Podestà, Fabriano - Foto di @Luisa De Sanctis

Poiesis - Festival of poetry, art, music and theatre - Fabriano - Marche - Italy - photo by Cristina Ferretti

The Paper and Watermark Museum - papermakers masters at work - Fabriano (Marche - Italy)

"Gentile" Theatre - Fabriano (Marche - Italy)

A corner of the #old #fabriano - @Daniele Monti- #webstagram

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View of the historical center of Fabriano

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