"The matter is my aim, which is the dignity of man, caught in the gray and in the black raw. Dust that becomes embroidery or a face under my hand ." (Giorgio Sorel)
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A look in the well of memory Acrylic, enamel, oil, stone on wood, 1996

Metamorphosis Foam, oil, acrylic, pigments on canvas, 2000, 230x130 cm

I will go through the space in search of you Quartz sand, resin, oil, pigments on canvas, 1998, 230x210 cm

The truth Oil, quartz sand, brass, wooden frame, 1996, 90x80 cm

Casanova Oil, quartz sand, canvas, 1997, 200x130 cm

Eva 2050 Quartz sand, pigments, metal on wood, 1994, 175x105 cm

Supernatural mannequin Polythene, quartz sand, synthetic wax, enamel on wood, 1997

The mistery continues Quartz sand, oil, pigments, metal forms on wood, 1999, 88x56 cm

The man and the time Oil, quartz sand on synthetic frame, 1996, 103x69 cm

Woman sitting in red Resin on canvas, 1999, 50x70 cm

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