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This stainless steel ring is black with a brushed center stripe around the center of the ring.This ring can be worn as a wedding band or a fashion ring. $24.95

When men look for a black stainless steel ring, this two-toned design is usually the one they want. Made from black stainless steel with a brushed stainless steel stripe!

Ways to Disassemble a Pallet

Disassembling a Pallet Easily For Crafting and Projects When using pallets for your projects, you will find that pallets are usually sturdily built and sometimes hard to disassemble. Hammer and Pry Bar Method - One option is to manually remove the nails.

5 Ways to Get Free Pallets For Crafting

There are so many ideas online right now about ways to use pallets for home decor, to build patio furniture, benches, tables and more. But, where can you get free pallets? Here are 5 ways you can get them free.