Giorgio Manna
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Fakemon- Alolan Nosepass by Shyrann47

An idea for an Alolan Variant of Nosepass. It would be Grass/Fire type with either Flash Fire or Flower Gift as it's ability.

Pokeapon No. 319 - Sharpedo. #pokemon #sharpedo #anchorblade #chainblade #pokeapon

Sharpedo's spirit weapon: may the dark, deep water of aggression be alongside you with this nunchuck-lance weapon. Conditions to wield: be a sailor and go to the stormiest sea infested with sharpedo water.

PSC- Slowbro by Lybra1022

Here we have some Slowbro items for your viewing pleasure. I kinda like how the Fist came out. It stuck with my initial idea of how all the dangerous an.