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Create your own charging station with a power strip and an old shoe box. Simply decorate the shoe box, cut holes for the charger wires and put the power strip inside the shoe box.

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Up in the trees! How about a tree house bed? Brilliantly designed with this children's bed and the bedroom decor superbly combined to make this kids room something special.

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appleinmyheart: “ Another Ribbon Organizer Idea For You! If you often use ribbons for your DIY projects then you probably have a lot of ribbons in your stock. A ribbon organizer is what you need then.

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Lid Sid by Luka Or Letting off steam! Lid Sid will keep the covers of your pots and pans open when they need some air, and will raise smiles whenever you use him.



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Turn Solo Cups into Laptop Speaker Amplifiers: Another hack on rocking out, cut a solo cup in half to create a pair of makeshift amps.