Brotherly love❤

Happy Birthday Big and Little Brother Quotes from Sisters and from Brothers. I love my best brother quotes with images that are funny and from the heart.

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Most of the times its the Mother & baby photos.once in a while a Father photo is as touching. Father kissing his newborn baby's little toes.

There is a big difference between "pleasure" and "love". If you like something, you take it immediately; if you love her, you take care of her day after day

There is a big difference between "pleasure" and "love".


This is my life. I do what I love, and do it often. Life is short. Life is hard. I live my dream, and wear my passion.

lady e marinaio

Helmut Newton, French Vogue Who wears an evening gown and furs on the street? I would, gladly. I Cool Couples

sotto la pioggia 2

I love rain! My family thinks, I'm stupid, because I like rain more than sunshine. But rain can be so romantic!


Turn Soft and Lovely Anytime You Have the Chance. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the photos posted unless stated otherwise.

Questione di testa. E di cuore

There is nothing better than swimming in the rain! Miss swimming in the lake during a soft summer rain shower

Un viaggio. L'amore.

Every single night, its the best feeling in the world to be able to sleep in your arms and wake up to you every morning, I love you JDW❤