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Percy Jackson is BAE!!!

Percy Jackson is BAE!<<< I dunno what that means but it's an awesome series<<< dude it's one of the best series EVER I'm totally obsessed and my family thinks in weird but I love it<<<<<<<<<lol same<<< I can't like it. I obsess it.

Ohhh that's HARD!!! Because these Authors are my Favorites!!///// Rick Riordan!!! (Xxx rosalie jackson)

I love Rick's books, but John Green is an amazing person. I'm just gonna say all.>>>I love John green! >>> This is for rick! You rick troll rorden!

Percy is the top

"…Jason" - Ask the Demigods I think nico is the most powerful but outa the seven yeah percy.<<<my baby isn't part of the seven but that's okay he not dead so all good

Here Comes Your Man by *burdge-bug :: Harry and Ginny ♥

someone asked for Harry and Ginny. holy crap I did really drew Harry and Ginny can& believe.But anyway,I hope they actually don& look like James and Lily and I& in romantic mood again,so yeah.