16/03/2015 - Grande successo per Oxygen Eco-Tower al MIPIM 2015 di Cannes. La torre residenziale, ideata da Progetto CMR e pensata per essere un&rsquo

“Oxygen Eco-tower, your villa in the sky”. The design strategy aims at upgrading the traditional concept of villas, through a new residential tower reflecting a sustainable vision that develops upwards, to minimize the use of the soil in.

Whether you live by the beach or just dream about ocean breezes, you can enhance the natural beauty of your home with crisp white, splashes of bold color, and more beach house decorating ideas.


The building of the tent-roofed structures began within this era. Some buildings utilize several colors to earn strong contrast. A lot of these buildings may be found in the majority of ancient Greek cities. The most important building was constructed …

A Francoforte la nuova Audi A2 è già nel futuro 6

Dupli Casa, a futuristic villa near Ludwigsburg, Germany by J. Mayer H. The team of J. Mayer H. Architects designed this futuristic home outsid

Crooked House

Kyzywy Domek(crooked little house) -Sopot, Poland. Built in 2004 it is part of the Rezydent shopping centre. Inspired by fairytale drawings & illustartions by Jan Marcin Szancer & Per Dahlberg.