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a gift wrapped in gray paper and tied with twine on top of a white sheet
SusanneS-vV's Crochet Hearts
Crochet Hearts ~ pattern / gift wrapping
three tags with starfish on them are hanging from a string next to an open book
Starfish Gift Tags Clay : Hand Stamped White Clay Tags Navy - Etsy
salt dough & stamp away! Great for gifts or gift tags (I know which friends this starfish is for!) - ornaments (and sets), - or just a little decor or token... stamp or design or make impression for every trip and/or milestone.
a person holding two wrapped presents in their hands with a sign on it that says, i am not fine
Blanc-Leger presents textiles and accessories by Pia Aaseby
a white butterfly sitting on top of a piece of paper
It’s all about the packaging: Doilies
doily inspiration is the paper butterfly too!
several different pictures with scissors, tags and other items in them that are on top of a table
Wrap it up : Tags | Cards & Stickers — Elephantshoe blog
Printable b-day #tags
various logos and emblems are shown in this black and white photo, with the words farm
an old book with lace on it and a photo in the cover that has been altered to look like something else
30s Magazine
brown paper gift package
three small boxes with tags on them sitting next to some wrapping paper and other items
Inspiring & Dreamy
a l l . w r α p p e d . u p
some brown and white wrapping paper wrapped in twine with bows on top of each other
love brown paper wrapping