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Best accidental crossover

I'm so glad I came across this! I just watched Percy Jackson yesterday and was like. Also, for those who didn't catch it, Death (spn) is the Ferryman in Percy Jackson =D<-----wow now I want this crossover.

Rose would totally be mary watson... And martha would be molly :P friendzone and all

/Doctor Who Characters as Sherlock Character. Doctor as Sherlock Rory Williams as John Watson Doctor as Mycroft Holmes Doctor as Jim Moriarty Jack Harkness as Chief Insp Lestrade Amy Pond as Irene Adler Rose Tyler as Molly Hooper

Guardians of the Universe I want this as a full size poster to go in my room between the Doctor Who and Guardians of the Galaxy posters

what my fandoms taught me everyone fanboy/fangirl should know what SuperWhoLock teaches us, the Avengers and Merlin are valuable lessons as well. Even those who haven't seen any of them need to know

Hahaha XD

I know this is more about fandoms in general, but I thought it would be worth sharing here ;) and sadly so true about all these fandoms I'm in all them. Help <<< I want to be in them all but sadly the Supernatural weekend hasn't happened